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Our Team

At Kaleidoscope we're committed to working with our clients in a partnership environment, where the client has complete flexibility in choosing the services and the level of marketing expertise they require.

We invest in our relationships, gaining a full understanding of our clients' industry, as well as the industry of our clients’ clients.

We`re committed to delivering the best work at all times with a goal to make our clients look good and help them increase their bottom line.

Our Kaleidoscope team has a deep understanding of the challenges in communicating complex issues and messages in a clear and concise way.

“The professional landscape has changed and in order to successfully deliver on a great idea, an agency has to come to the table with a new business mindset.”

“Working with Kaleidoscope will take your marketing investment to a new level - we're focused on broadening your bottom line.”

yvette gauthier

Yvette Gauthier - Co-CEO

With over 25 years of experience in Sales and Marketing and Strategic Planning, Yvette Gauthier has successfully spearheaded B2B and B2C campaigns within retail, financial services and technology industries, in North America; including Microsoft, Fidelity Investments, Scotiabank and the LCBO.

She has been involved in a myriad of initiatives that include strategic development and planning, research and managing teams to delivery marketing initiatives through traditional and social media.

Yvette's focus within Kaleidoscope is primarily Business & Strategic Development and Acquisition & Retention Strategies that help increase clients' bottom line.

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kate taylor

Kate Taylor - Co-CEO

An experienced marketing executive with over 20 years in Corporate Marketing Communications & Advertising, Kate Taylor has a repertoire of North American awards within the financial services and technology industries.

Previously holding executive positions at GT Global Mutual Funds, AIM Funds and Basis100, she developed and implemented strategic marketing plans, corporate brand and communication programs, including PR and Investor Relations and developed strategic plans for M&A's.

Kate’s focus within Kaleidoscope is primarily Creative & Strategic Development and Executive Engagement Strategies that commit to exceeding clients’ goals.

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